Voice Intensive @ AIM Paris 2024

8 - 15 july 2024

Inter-Studio Program

Program Description

Opera is a multidimensional art form that requires more than vocal prowess: vocal training for classical singers is multi-disciplinary. Voice Intensive @ AIM Paris offers an expanded scope of studies to focus on major aspects of vocal training in a safe and supportive environment led by a faculty of sought-after experts. The experience offers an opportunity to immediately apply newly acquired skills to live performances to prepare students for success beyond the program.


Sample offerings include:

• A Night at the Opera Concert of Opera Arias, Ensembles, and Scenes
• Performance opportunities: perform in public concerts, master classes and performance classes

• Open Voice Lessons: observe peers’ lessons with the distinguished Voice Faculty and expand technical knowledge

• Comprehensive Acting Program: hone your stage presence, practice storytelling skills, and achieve transformation
• Daily Movement Classes
• Diction classes and individual coaching in 4 major operatic languages
• “Working with Conductor” training: learn how to collaborate and give an expressive performance

• Spanish and Argentine Tango vocal repertoire study: expand your repertoire by discovering the world of music in Spanish
• Diction Buddy App residency: free access to the app and presentational Masterclass
And much more…

Program Details

Acting Curriculum

A Night at the Opera: a performing opportunity in a semi staged concert of opera arias, ensembles, and scenes. Directed by Malena Dayen and conducted by David Rosenmeyer, students will be assigned arias and ensemble roles, rehearse the mise-en-scène with the stage director, practice working with a conductor, and culminate in a fun operatic event.

Acting classes: Students will have the opportunity to try different approaches to learning and embodying a character. Notions of the use of space, dramaturgy, lyrics/music relationship and different styles of acting will be explored.

Audition preparation: students will practice their skills In a safe environment through mock auditions with instructions, tips and individualized attention to their best artistic representation in an audition presentation.

Daily Movement Class: Stage director Malena Dayen will offer a class on movement based on Viewpoints techniques and improvisation. The students will explore stage movement and the process of collaboration with other performers. Working on parameters such as ‘tempo’,
‘rhythm’ and ‘gesture’, fundamental concepts in both theatre and music, singers become freer on stage while being more creative, expressive and collaborative.


Diction Training Curriculum

Individual Diction coaching and Diction Performance Class: languages covered: German, Italian, and French. Russian Diction coachings are available upon request. Diction for Singers specialist and voice teacher Sandra Calderón will share her expertise for all of your diction- related needs.

Diction Buddy App: App presentation and Masterclass on the first day of the program; free access to Diction Buddy App for the duration of the program; special student fee and exclusive discounts post-program.


Vocal Training, Interpretation, and Repertoire Development

Open Voice Lessons: voice studios “Open Door” policy. Observation is a valuable method of in-depth learning. With each individual student’s permission, observe lessons across AIM- Paris distinguished Voice Faculty studios to gain exposure, wider perspective and further understanding of vocal technique and immersive “think – tank” work environment.

Tango and Spanish repertoire: The program will offer a class and individual coachings on Spanish and Latin American art song taught by Argentinian born specialists in Tango and Spanish repertoire and will culminate in a class recital of this beautiful and sought after repertoire.

Working with a Conductor: World-renowned conductor David Rosenmeyer will offer individual and group classes where the he will teach and explain the fundamentals of working with an orchestral conductor. Concepts of leading and following, peripheral vision and overall musical collaboration will be a vital exercise in the singer’s training for a profesional life.

Individual Music Preparation Coaching: Operatic, song, oratorio repertoire consulting and coaching with David Rosenmeyer

Improvisation: Improvisation for singers and instrumentalists with David Rosenmeyer

Chamber Ensemble: TBA depending on demand.

Voice Program Faculty



Anya Fidelia

Dramatic Soprano, Voice Teacher, Russian Lyric Diction and Repertoire Coach, Admissions Consultant for Singers,
Voice Intensive @ AIM Paris Program Coordinator

Soprano Anya Fidelia has established a dynamic multi-faceted career as an international Opera Singer, Voice Teacher, Russian Lyric Diction and Repertoire Coach, and Admissions Consultant. A sought-after Voice Teacher, her extensive teaching affiliations include amongst other: Mannes College of Music and Mannes Prep (Faculty); John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair University (Adjunct Professor), Metropolitan Opera Guild Education Department (Faculty). As a Russian Lyric Diction, Language and Repertoire specialist, Ms. Fidelias is in demand: her affiliation include San Francisco Opera Center, The Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artist Program, Mannes Opera, Caramoor Festival Apprentice Program amongst other. Ms. Fidelia maintains a thriving private Voice Studio in New York City, and “College-bound: Conservatory Admissions for Singers” Consulting Studio, focusing on preparing and guiding her clients through all aspects of conservatory admission process and identifying the optimal educational program to bridge the individual needs of each aspiring young artist with their future professional success. Her performing career can be viewed by following the link above.



Sandra Calderón

Lyric Diction Coach and Voice Teacher

An experienced performer and recording artist, Sandra Calderón began her singing career at the age of twelve, giving recitals throughout Europe and the United States at such venues as Carnegie Hall, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Kennedy Center, Geneva Victoria Hall, Rome Accademia Santa Cecilia, and Viennese Musikverein under the baton of Fabio Luisi. Sandra continues to perform regularly as a concert artist, but has also followed and nurtured her passion to teach voice and language alongside her own career. Her most influential voice teacher is Olga Chernova, who has also given Sandra the vital tools and in-depth knowledge to teach voice. Presently Sandra Calderón lives in Köln, Germany with her family, working at two major vocal academies: Rockademy in Bonn and Köln, as well as at the Cologne Music Academy. Her diction students are all over the globe, including the United States, China and Europe.



Malena Dayen

Stage Director, Acting Teacher, Spanish Repertoire Specialist
Website: http:// malenadayen.com

An award -winning opera Stage Director, Malena Dayen works with canonic opera repertoire as well as new music, bridging operatic tradition with contemporary audiences, aesthetics and technology.



David Rosenmeyer

Conductor, Vocal Coach, Spanish Repertoire Specialist
Website: http:// davidrosenmeyer.com

World-renown orchestral and choral conductor. Extensive experience working with singers, both in classical repertoire, oratorio and new / experimental music.

How to Apply


Voice Intensive Program @ AIM Paris is open to all Voice students across the studios. Enrollment requires completing AIM Paris Academy registration and informing of your participation in this intensive training program.

Voice Intensive Program @ AIM Paris enrollment grants full access to all lessons, individual training, coachings, classes, workshops, presentations, and performances offered at AIM Paris to Voice students, including Basic Registration offers.

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Description of the Program